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OmniGroup, Patan Dhoka, 5F, Bhatbhateni Super Market,Lalitpur, Nepal
Tel:+977-1-5550337, +977-1-5551065
Fax: +977-1-5551067
URL: www.omnigroup.com.np
Email: info@omnigroup.com.np

Welcome to   OmniGroup

OmniGroup is parent organization for various companies dealing with various products and services throughout the world which inlcudes multiple companies each specializing in particular field.

Some of the companies under the parenthood of OmniGroup in Nepal are:

OmniGroup companies working in Nepal in the field of ICT promotion and standardization are Omni Business Corporate International (OmniGroup), Nepal Network Information Center (NepalNIC). OmniGroup has been focusing in the ICT products trading and deployment, IT product retailing and NepalNIC has been growing as OmniGroup’s ICT deployment and network infrastructure development company in Nepal. Read More  »

OmniGroup of   Companies